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“Carol brought her human resources expertise to our initiative, and from the outset, it was clear that she is insightful, caring, totally committed and extremely knowledgeable.  Carol always approached our issues with a depth of understanding, an intuitive sense of the groups needs, and a disposition that was kind, constructive and engaging.  She helped the members focus on tasks at hand, providing an objective perspective on the decision process, which ultimately ensured the success of our initiative.


Carol is bright, thoughtful, genuine and very likable.  She provides both the clarity of vision, which helps others to see and an energy, which helps others to act.  Every member of our eleven-person committee praised her unique ability to make us better than we would have been without her.


I hold Carol Gordon in the highest regard. She has a gift and would absolutely be an asset to whatever endeavor she undertakes.”


          Sandra Mamis, Former President, Vassar Temple, NY

“Carol thrives on the accomplishments of those she mentors, bringing years of experience and a wealth of knowledge.  She guides with integrity and her dedication is evident, as a job is never left unfinished.  Carol’s energy and motivation have enabled me to pursue my dreams and reach my goals.”


          Gloria Cukar, Senior Director, External Affairs Mid Hudson Regional Hospital of

          Westchester Medical Center

“During the decade plus I have known Carol, I’ve observed her undertake the development of mid-career professionals and executives in a variety of functional disciplines in banking and through her community leadership roles.  She is passionate about the development of others.  I value her ability to ask useful questions that drive conversation and thinking to key factors of critical decisions and changes.  She creates well-phrased communications to articulate diplomatic and precise messages effectively to individuals of all levels.  Carol has a background to make substantial contributions to organizational effectiveness and will bring great energy and capabilities with her.”


          Diane Lustenader, CCP, GRP, President, Lake Associates, Inc., GA

“Making bad hiring decisions can be costly in so many ways.  Carol’s thoughtful and pointed questions guided me to make a hiring decision between two very strong candidates.  It was the perfect choice.  If I ever need help with hiring or HR issues, I’ll be sure to contact Carol.”


          Andrea L. Reynolds, President and CEO, Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley

“I’ve known Carol since 2003 and have had the pleasure of working with her numerous times.  She proved to be my most valued and trusted advisor at the Arts Council, guiding me through four very successful candidate searches from job description through contract negotiations.  Her level-headedness, intelligence, empathy, insight, humor, and skill were indispensable when conducting searches, evaluating employees, recruiting new board members and developing donor strategies.


Carol was instrumental in managing the hostile termination of an employee.  She guided me through the legally complex and emotionally fraught situation, and also kept the board unified during challenging times.  Thanks to Carol, the organization made it through the situation in a strong position.


Carol is much more than a consummate human resource professional, she is a wonderful person to work with, bringing lightness and ease to all situations.  Her humor, positive energy, and warmth are as invaluable as her knowledge, professionalism, and intelligence.  I recommend her services, she is a great partner.”


          Benjamin Krevolin, Vassar College and former President, Dutchess County Arts Council, NY

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