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Carol offers consulting and coaching services suggesting effective business solutions through HR management. Her ability to coach and guide at every level differentiates her from the rest.


Carol brings significant experience as a former Human Resources Executive and Chief Operating Officer. She applies both tried and true practices and innovative ideas individually tailored to your needs.  Driven by respect and integrity, she helps you navigate complex issues to build the foundation for long-term success.


A sample of her services includes:


  • HR Audits and Handbook Assessments:  making sure you are protected


  • Change Management: changing process or people with minimal disruption and maximum success


  • Employee Climate Assessment:  engagement and alignment


  • Workplace Investigations: conducted with diplomacy and confidentiality


  • Harassment Prevention Training: respect in the workplace


  • Leadership / Management Development: invest in your best


  • Strategic Resources / Succession Planning: road map for success


  • Recruitment & Retention:  hiring for attitude plus aptitude



Her steps for a total organization assessment to pinpoint gaps and provide solutions include:


  1. Initial Consultation: an in-depth interview and exploration into your business to understand goals and objectives while determining specific needs.

  2. Engagement: studying roles, talents, organizational process and challenges within your organization while engaging employees for feedback.

  3. Review: a collaboration of minds to review the strengths, weaknesses and needs of the organization and suggestions to implement strategies for change.

  4. Implementation: based upon the collaborative review, the implementation and organization of various training, processes, handbooks, workshops and plans for action are initialized.

  5. Follow-up: scheduled visits for support, feedback and review of the implemented action plan, as well as further steps to maintain follow-through.

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